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One of Perth’s Best Bar openings of 2023!

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

We're thrilled that Bar Vino has been named by Broadsheet as one of the best new bars in Perth for 2023!

Sitting amongst bars from Margaret River, Fremantle and the Perth CBD. Bar Vino focuses on bringing the local community together over a good glass of wine.

Collaborating with renowned chef Jed Gerrard, celebrated for his culinary brilliance at Wildflower and Hearth, Bar Vino elevates its offerings to unparalleled heights. Gerrard's expertise as a consultant infuses the menu with exquisite flavors and innovative delights.

Guided by the experienced hands of bar manager Mathieu Fichot, a former alumnus of Wildflower and Hearth, the thoughtfully curated selection of 150 wines guarantees an unforgettable wine-tasting odyssey.

Join us at Bar Vino for an unparalleled experience where the heart of coffee culture meets the soul of exquisite wines.

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