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Mata Design Studio Awarded for work on Bar Vino Mt Lawley.

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

In its remarkable 20th year, the 2023 Australian Interior Design Awards celebrates innovative and thoughtful designs across different industries and disciplines.

The interior dining room at Bar Vino, designed by Mata Design Studio
The Dining Room at Bar Vino Mount Lawley

Presented by the esteemed Design Institute of Australia, the annual Design Matters National Building and Design Awards commend the exceptional skills of building designers, encompassing a wide range of spaces, from residential to commercial, offices to hospitals, and more.

We’re thrilled to announce that Mata Design Studio has won the Non-Residential Interior Category for their incredible work on Bar Vino Mount Lawley!

Mata Design Studio: Where Local Creativity Meets a Global Perspective

Mata Design Studio is a distinguished boutique local firm renowned for its fusion of a global perspective with a distinctive creative design philosophy. Their unwavering commitment to innovation and meticulous attention to detail set them apart. Amid their exceptional projects, Bar Vino Mount Lawley stands as a shining example, joining the ranks of their successful residential and hospitality projects across the Perth metropolitan area.

A Local Favourite: Bar Vino Mount Lawley

Bar Vino Mount Lawley isn't merely a bar; it's a testament to the transformative power of design. Mata Design Studio has breathed life into this project, crafting an ambiance that transports patrons into the world of Italian-inspired wine and dining.

The interior design, pays tribute to Mount Lawley's rich heritage. It lovingly maintains the exterior of the historically cherished corner deli, beloved by locals since the 1950s, while introducing distinctive European design elements. The result is a space that seamlessly integrates into the local neighborhood, enriching the vibrant culture of Mount Lawley whilst transporting guests to Italy without having to leave their suburb.

Supporting Good Design

Mata Design Studio skillfully captures the essence of Good Design within the unique ambiance of Bar Vino. Their design seamlessly blends aesthetics, practicality, and authenticity, resulting in a captivating space. As the venue transforms daily into Willing Coffee Mount Lawley, it adeptly caters to the distinct needs of both brands, conjuring a charming Italian and European dining experience.

This well-deserved recognition attests to the studio's mastery of their craft and their unwavering commitment to promoting exceptional design.

Looking to experience this award-winning design and unique dining experience for yourself? click here to make a reservation.

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